Norman Fox began his career in Safety in 1986. In 2000, Norman began independent consulting as a venue to provide customized services to regional clientele. Since then, he has delivered health and safety consultative services to dozens of corporations ranging from startup proprietorships to Fortune 500 corporations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, California, and Washington. His experience is heavily engaged in Energy, Pipelines, Heavy Construction, Manufacturing, Refining, and Power Generation. He has an extensive background in personnel development having provided training to over 5,000 individuals with a focus on Supervisory Staff. Norman has also served as adjunct instructor and curriculum advisory board member for community college districts in California. Norman serves as Vice President, Safety and Loss Prevention, South Central Region. Covering the great states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas. He also serves nationally in support of Oil and Gas operations throughout the U.S.

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