Nicole Williams, Vice President of F&H Contractors, a premier underground utility contractor in Florida. With early beginnings in the hospitality industry, she has passion for creating an employee centric culture and focuses on modernizing company practices to secure a robust future and attractive reputation. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs and learning the struggles and rewards of leading and providing for your employees, she has been committed to strive for a career in which she could echo the values of her family by providing a home for employees to feel safe and appreciated. Under her management, F&H gained recognition amongst the utility companies for being the subject matter experts on unit billing and material management. With more than 13 years of experience in the utility industry Nicole has led teams in every facet of the industry from preservation of contract integrity to managing a fleet of over 800, and now on to securing forward growth. Nicole specializes in recognizing weaknesses in company methodology and implementing innovative solutions to gain efficiency and productivity. Over the last two years she has led a team that has transformed the company’s practices including, moving the organization into eMaxx’s captive solution.

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