After spending 15 years working in the trucking and distribution sectors, Jeremy Parker began a career in the insurance industry at G.L. Anderson Insurance Services, Inc. Jeremy began as an inside sales representative as well as a part time CSR, but quickly learned the basics of insurance. Jeremy soon became a full-time producer and the marketing director for the firm. With his previous industry knowledge, the trucking and towing risks were almost second nature allowing for a rapid understanding of the industry’s needs. After watching the market trends in California, Florida, Texas, and other large markets, Jeremy quickly realized the standard market was very fragile and needed a new long-term solution moving forward. Realizing captive insurance solutions were the future for long-term stability, he decided to move in this direction to ensure the stability of his firm and his clients’ futures.  Today, Jeremy is the Vice President of Marketing and co-owner of G.L. Anderson Insurance Service, Inc., where he continues to help navigate the difficulties that businessowners face while finding solutions that create long standing partnerships.

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