Brian Stanton, MBA, has more than 25 years of experience in insurance and healthcare management working in Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, small businesses, and in management consulting. His experience in leadership, management, sales, and operations has allowed him to lead innovative projects that elevate organizational performance. His collaborative approach, informed by market analysis, an inquisitive mind, stakeholder engagement, and continuous improvement, has consistently yielded impactful solutions. He has led projects to improve return-to-work documentation for examiners and employers, providing a timely summary of work status and complete history of prior events. He has worked with nursing teams, employers and TPAs to roll out nurse authorization for RFAs resulting in immediate approval of requests leading to quicker diagnosis, treatment and return to work.  Most recently he helped Choices Case Management build and launch an IMPACT Early Intervention program that has had a significant impact on employee return-to-work timelines, with the average full duty return to work in less than 40 days.  IMPACT has also had reduced employer costs, with an average savings of over $5000 per claim and a litigation rate lower than 2% for the entire program.  At Choices, he also spends his time with our leadership team helping to build a healthy culture, improving collaboration and leading strategic initiatives.  

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  • Utilizing Light Duty and Return to Work in Workers Compensation