Jeffrey is an experienced professional with over 30 years of expertise as an Emergency Responder; including Firefighting, EMS, Hazardous Materials response mitigation, and Emergency Management.  He is also well versed in Safety, logistics and the trucking industry. Currently the Director of Safety for RenewGas Transportation, and Deputy Fire Chief of his hometown Fire Department. Throughout his career, he has acquired extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in handling hazardous materials, ensuring their safe transportation, and implementing emergency response plans. In addition to his Hazardous Materials and trucking background, he has actively participated in various Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) memberships across the United Sates as well as Fire Department and Emergency Management advisory boards. These engagements have allowed him to collaborate with other professionals in the field, contributing to the development and implementation of effective emergency management strategies. Furthermore, he serves as a nationally certified Emergency Services instructor, sharing knowledge and expertise with Emergency Responders in the states RenewGas operates. Through this role, he has had the opportunity to educate and train individuals on emergency response protocols, policies, and strategies helping to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to handle critical situations effectively. Most recently focusing on Renewable Natural Gas / Compressed Natural Gas transportation. With extensive experience, he is well-equipped to handle complex emergency management scenarios and contribute to the safety and well-being of individuals and communities.

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