May 31– June 3, 2020

Boca Raton, FL

Navigating through Change

Litigation financing, erosion of tort reform, negative public sentiment towards large businesses and nuclear punitive damage verdicts have created a commercial casualty market crisis that is cited as social inflation. This social inflation is driving a “hard market” cycle with insurance and reinsurance companies reducing capacity to market segments along with geographical areas and ultimately escalating premium costs.  Alternative risk solutions have become the fastest-growing segment as small and middle-market companies are seeking solutions to combat against the instability and reduction in capacity in the market. 

 The aim of the Summit is to present small and middle-market companies with ideas, concepts, and products that will facilitate innovation, success, and transformation. This year’s theme, “Navigating through Change,” will focus on providing risk management, technology, claims, and litigation management strategies to combat trends impacting companies today.


 The Summit was pioneered and garnered traction under eMaxx, formerly known as Energi. In 2016, the Summit became open to all small and middle-market companies. In 2018, eMaxx launched eCaptiv, a Vermont domiciled captive insurance company focused on providing alternative risk solutions to small and middle-market companies in various segments of the transportation industry. The Summit will host Annual Meetings of the Board of Directors and Members for all of the eCaptiv programs.

Registration fees

 For current Members of eCaptiv programs, the registration fees for the Summit 2020 are included in the annual program fees.

  • PC1-IC Members includes (2) registrations per membership
  • PC2-IC Members includes (1) registration per membership
  • PC3-IC Members includes (2) registrations per membership
  • PC4-IC Members includes (1) registration per membership

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